Visually inspect No.2 ECU for correct assembly and condition

Work continued this week: 


  • Visually inspect No.2 ECU for correct assembly and condition in preparation for ground run. 
  • Visually inspect No.2 ECU bay for presence of FOD and cleanliness in preparation for ground run, any debris cleaned/removed as required. 
  • Inspect No.2 ECU/ECU bay for any static leaks that may have developed – nil found. 
  • Ensure No.2 ECU oil level is correct in preparation for ground run. 
  • Lubricate tail rotor hub in preparation for No.2 ECU ground runs.
  • Lubricate tail rotor driveshaft bearings in preparation for No.2 ECU ground runs. 
  • Carry out an inventory/assessment of blade folding kit in our possession, make up a complete kit and trial fold blades to right hand side of aircraft. 
  • Manufacture torquemeter system test cables. 
  • Continue testing/fault finding of torquemeter system. 
  • Fire bottle system crossfeed system switch arrived.


  • Airframe and cabin cleared as far as possible of debris. 
  • Begun inventory of any components removed to allow access. 
  • Begun inventory of rotable components for life span and condition assessment. 

Work to be continued next week: 


  • Continue investigation of No.1 torquemeter system fault. 
  • Fit newly arrived fire bottle crossfeed switch.
  • Fully re-test fire bottle system post fit of switch. 
  • Ensure all paperwork is satisfactory in anticipation of CAA visit. 


  • Continue investigation of rotables for remaining life span/condition. 
  • Continue inventory of components removed. 

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