Transportation Joint Completed

Work continued this week:

• Ground handling wheels bay serviced and tested on aircraft ready for moving to front of hangar.

• Fuel leak investigation continued – coupling at bottom of starboard main tank found leaking and seal replaced.

• Nose bay rebuild continued.

• Transportation joint completed.

• Tail rotor PFCU started to be refit.

• MRGB hydraulic adaptor began to be fit with new O-rings – one adaptor found to have been previously cross-threaded.

• MOD 0527 cover plate fitted and PRC’d.

• MOD 0948 fireproof seals have started to be fitted.

Work to be continued next week:

• Investigate potential new leaks and trace.

• Fit new forward tank if it arrived and passes a bench leak test.

• Start looking into electrical systems for continuity with a view to getting ground power functioning.

• Fill hydraulic reservoirs and start bleeding a few of the closed off pipes.

• Possibly start looking at control system with a view to fitting AGS where required.

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