Transponder coding rewire

Work continued this week:

• Transponder coding rewire continued.

• Flex Ops written out and organised for inclusion in 700 forecast sheets.

• SEM’s investigation into which are applicable started.

• Rigging of cyclic controls continued – control rods and parallel actuators adjusted.

• Paperwork brought up to date and duplicate inspections started for control system.

• Screws and panels for cabin researched and ordered in preparation for rigging completion.

• Grease/oil guns for driveshaft and tail rotor hub ordered and filled ready for use.

Work to be continued next week:

• Continue rewire of transponder hexadecimal coding

• Finish with rigging control systems.

• Continue MODs research.

• Continue with SEM research.

• Start SRIM research.

twentytwopl 15 January 2021 Uncategorised

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