Tail-rotor Rigging Started.

Work continued this week:

• AFCS rewiring continued.
• Aircraft defueled and defuel valve removed.
• Defuel valve with new seals fitted to aircraft and all components refitted.
• Aircraft filled with fuel for leak checks – no leaks evident at the moment.
• Tail-rotor rigging process researched and prepped for start of rigging.
• Tail-rotor hub fitted.
• Research into life details of tail-rotor pitch change assembly carried out.
• Tail-rotor pitch change beam fitted. New pitch change rods and bolts required – order placed.
• Tail-rotor rigging started.
• Seized bolts in control system removed, old JC5A removed and bolt refitted.

Work to be continued next week:

• Continue tail-rotor rigging.
• Fit new pitch change rods and bolts when they arrive.
• Check for fuel leaks.
• Fit aerials to tail boom and seal correctly.
• Continue re-wiring AFCS and other instrumentation in aft bay of aircraft.
• Start basic rigging of flying controls to allow hydraulic servos to be reconnected – full rigging will be carried out when rotor head is fitted.

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