Re-familiarisation with Control System

Work continued this week:

• Fuel system inspected for leaks – no evidence of leaks found.

• Ferry tank connection valve dismantled to investigate overflow – seal found perished, investigation into finding new seal carried out.

• Re-familiarisation with control system and finding AGS to fit components.

• Fore and aft position transmitter fitted under P1 seat.

• Rebuild of ECU throttle box continued.

• No.5 Drive shaft fitted with new bolts and paperwork completed.

• Centre console rebuild begun buy starting to determine the missing components and looking for loose cables before applying power.

• Bonding leads fitted to sump panels and pipes in the under floor fuel system

• Velcro fitted to interior ready for soundproofing to be refitted at end of rebuild.

Work to be continued next week:

• Continue with centre console rebuild.

• Continue with control system ordering AGS and fitting components if possible.

• Meeting with film crew about documentary.

• Replace seals in the ferry tank valve (if they arrive) – refuel rest of system if leak solved.

• Check tail rotor control cables for serviceability.

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