Port and starboard cabin doors refitted

Work continued this week:

• No.1 and No.2 ECU refit finished

• No.1 and No.2 Air Intake assemblies refitted and oil cooler fairings refitted.

• Port and starboard cabin door rail and carrier assemblies lubricated and refitted.

• Port and starboard cabin doors refitted.

• Pitot/static instruments removed from instrument panels and serviceable items fitted.

• Fire bottle system tested for serviceability and found satis.

• GPMG mount test fitted to starboard door.

• Footstep and night-sun test fitted to starboard skid.

• Footstep test fitted to port skid.

Work to be continued next week:

• Mic/tel lead mount to be fitted.

• Nose compartment seals to be changed.

• No.1 ECU ground run to be carried out to leak check and for anti-det.

• Inertia crash switches to be tested.

• Meet with CAA to discuss role equipment/AAN.

• Meet with CAA to discuss flight crew.

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