No.2 Engine

Work continued this week:

• Engine serviceability checks carried out on No.2 engine

• ECU prepped for fit – engine stay and various pipes moved to correct side, winch pump removed and blanked off.

• ECU filters inspected and replaced as required.

• Engine bay inspected and prepped for installation.

• ECU fitted.

• Exhaust and cowling fitted.

• Exhaust vent pipe ordered.

• ECU control rigging started

• Gimbal ring and drive shaft connected and torqued

• Lower intakes MODed to same state as aircraft with IR station keeping lights.

• Test fit of lower intake.

Work to be continued next week:

• Start prepping No.1 engine for fitting.

• Fit No.1 engine.

• Fit starboard intake

• Fit port intake

• MOD’s research to be continued.

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