No.1 voltage regulator replaced

Work continued this week: 


• Fault finding vertical gryo problem ground run

• No.1 voltage regulator replaced

• Main rotor blade sleeves oil replenished

• Sound proofing fitted to aircraft

• Post ground run inspections carried out

• Preparation for ground run carried out

• Rotors turning ground run carried out

• Cabin environmental control system tested

• DC generators balanced

• Compass swing started

• Cabin lighting fitted

• Gearbox oil samples taken

• After ground run inspections carried out

• Investigation into No.2 oil savenge system

Work to be continued next week: 


• Inspect mag plugs for debris 

• Finish collecting last oil samples for tail rotor gearbox and engines 

• Make sure all equipment is fitted ready for weighing 

• Fit fire bottles for weighing 

• Weigh aircraft 

• No.2 oil scavenge system investigation/change 


• Continue stripping and rebuilding fuel tanks/sumps 

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