New Blades

Work continued this week:

• Fitted new seals to the fuel vent system.

• Completely filled the fuel tanks via the gravity fill system.

• New leaks traced – list of required components made and requests for quotes made.

• AGS fitted to control system and lateral trim servo wire locked.

• Lateral spring unit fitted – awaiting rigging.

• Locking wire holes drilled in bolts for collective trim servo.

• AC power fault finding carried out to get power on aircraft.

• Attitude indicators tested – 1 new gyro and 1 new indicator fitted and tested.

• Static inverter system (back up instruments) fault finding started.

• New blades unloaded and visually inspected.

Work to be continued next week:

• Await quotes for fuel system components.

• Continue checking electrical systems.

• Continue with fitting components to the control system

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