New Beginnings

Our XZ179 has seen it’s first steps in its regeneration process.

The aircraft has has its initial survey by Weald Aviation Ltd, who have evaluated the condition of the aircraft, and identified all of the necessary area’s of urgent requirement of reparation. This is an on-going process, and something which takes time. We are grateful for the patience and expertise of WA Ltd in this process.

The first major part changes have seen the helicopters engines and main rotor heads removed. These are going to be replaced and returned to a fantastic condition. Weald Aviation have also removed the drive shafts, the main rotor head and also the tail rotor blades.

We are extremely impressed and pleased with the initial work done on the helicopter. We feel this has been a significant period in its re-development. We hope this is a marker for how this project will continue, and we have total optimism in the success and development of the Lynx.

We would like to thank all of the former pilots and engineers contacting us and Weald Aviation. Offering both their stories and expertise in aid of this wonderful project. We hope to hear from more of you, and welcome you to share any and all of your stories with this wonderful aircraft, should you want to.

Our Westland Lynx has taken the first steps to returning to its deserved sublime condition. We are excited by the progress so far, and hope for major developments over the the next few weeks.

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