MOD0821 Manufactured

Work continued this week:

• Both collector and forward fuel tanks have been tested for leaks.

• Several leaks have been fixed in various tanks – one drain replaced, one fuel pump replaced – awaiting another fuel pump to make one complete pump.

• Cut wires within fuel pump have been repaired

• X3 tanks approx. 1/3 full – more leaks may present themselves as the tanks swell due to the fuel and more fuel is added.

• Bracket for MOD0821 manufactured and fitted to fuel pipe – awaiting Pclip.

• MRGB continued to be dressed – x2 servos now fitted and x2 control lay shafts slaved into place – awaiting O-rings to fit hydraulic pipes.

Work to be continued next week:

• Continue dressing MRGB – fitting hydraulic pipes and completing lay shaft installation if O-rings arrive.

• Test fuel main tanks by partially filling tanks with fuel which will in turn completely fill both collector and forward tanks – can only be carried out if tank cover bolts arrive.

• Fit fire retardant seal between engine bays, cabin heater air valve bracket and engine door rollers if we receive it from Pat

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