Centre Console Build Completed

Work continued this week:
• Fore and aft and lateral artificial feel spring units slaved into place – filling
gaps making it easier to determine what parts are missing/still required.
• Lateral trim servo slaved into place awaiting correct bolts and rigging.
• Centre console build completed – all components fitted in correct
locations are plugged in awaiting electrical test.
• Serviceable battery picked up from overhaul.
• Auxiliary fuel tank self sealing coupling fitted with new hand made seal –
awaiting leak tests next week.
• Inspection of aft avionics bay started – list of missing components being
compiled/checked against components on shelves.
• Various nuts and washers fitted to P1 and P2 collectives.
Work to be continued next week:
• Order more AGS for control system.
• Test auxiliary tank coupling – if no leaks continue filling main tanks and
seal panels.
• Continue with aft avionics bay inspection.
• Fit panels to underside covering fuel tank sump panels if no leaks found.

twentytwopl 26 June 2020 Uncategorised

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