Filling Fuel System

Work continued this week:
• Filling fuel system and curing leaks to the venting system as required
• Main tanks cover panels fitted and main tanks filled to approx. half
• Research into missing avionics in rear avionics cupboard.
• Collective trim servo slaved into place
• Yaw control trim servo slaved into place
• Fuel indication system fault investigated and rectified – further
calibration required when aircraft is jacked
• Cut rate gyro cables investigated and con checked to find other ends
• Paperwork has been brought up to date with current work
• Contact made with QinetiQ regarding potential spares/tooling from their
• List of AGS created and search for parts under way

Work to be continued next week:
• Fit new seals to fuel vent system and continue to fill fuel system
• Continue investigating rate gyro cables – potentially fit new plug
• AFCS plug rewiring
• Organise blade pickup

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