Leaky Weekend

Work continued this week:

• Fuel leak started over the weekend, has been traced to the forward bag tank.

• Collector tanks have been filled completely and sealed. Waiting to see if any leaks occur over the weekend

• P-clip fitted to MOD fuel pipe and bracket from last week.

• Sump panel from forward fuel tank removed for seals to be checked to try and locate leak

• Cabin hot air valve fitted to port ECU bay and secured. Once fireproof P seal arrives and is fitted ECU bays will be ready to receive engines.

• MRGB continued to be dressed – All servos fitted to new MRGB. Serviceability inspections have been started. Light corrosion found on No.1 engine drive coupling, corrosion removed and treated.

• Electrical block on bottom of fuel pump fitted and wired in.

• Nose bays cleaned and electrical boxes started to be bolted down.

• Cabling in nose bay capped and stowed where appropriate and other

wires traced back to various components.

• Paper work for the MRGB brought up to date.

Work to be continued next week:

• Continue inspecting MRGB – fitting hydraulic pipes if O-rings arrive.

• Progress with fuel tanks will depend on if the collector tanks leak over the weekend, dictating the next step.

• Fit fire retardant seal between engine bays, cabin heater air valve bracket and engine door rollers if we receive it from Pat

• X2 P-clips to be fitted to fuel pipe under main fuel tanks in the fuel transfer system.

• Continue securing components in nose bay and checking wiring for continuity and making repairs where needed.

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