Hydraulic Adaptor Threads Recut

Work continued this week:

• Hydraulic adaptor threads recut to allow hydraulic pipes to be fitted to new MRGB.

• Hydraulic adaptors fitted to new servos along with new O-rings.

• Paperwork and duplicate inspections carried out of MRGB and servos with hydraulic pipes started – awaiting signatures for input lay shafts after gearbox fit to aircraft.

• Paperwork and duplicate inspections of transportation joint completed.

• New forward fuel tank inspected inside and out for potential damage.

• Leak checks carried out of new tank.

• Tank bay removed of old and loose anti-chafe tape.

• New anti-chafe tape fitted to forward tank bay.

• Forward tank fitted to aircraft and test filled.

• Various leaks from transfer pipes under main tanks located and seals changed (more may develop over weekend).

• Spoken to film crew and meeting arranged for Thursday week to discuss what is wanted.

Work to be continued next week:

• Continue solving fuel leaks as they arise and fill tanks as the leaks are solved.

• Fit new bolts to No.5 driveshaft

• Continue investigation with repair patches for MRB’s

• Revisit control system and start fitting AGS (subject to work required on fuel system)

• If all leaks are fixed satisfactorily then power should be able to put on the aircraft to test various systems.

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