Day 1.

Welcome to Project Lynx XZ179 – 1st edition.

This is our first blog introducing our restoration project of a Westland Lynx XZ179. We will regularly be keeping you updated with the latest developments with the aircraft.

Our aim is to take this helicopter back to its former glory days, and eventually return it to its playground in the air, so that it can be used for historical and airshows around the country.

In this blog, we will give you brief insights to the work we have undertaken to take this beautiful aircraft back to its deserved condition.
We will be working with various charitable causes, all of which are in need of your help. Any donations would be greatly appreciated, and are explained on our subscription page.

Below you will see the first time we set eyes on this beautiful machine, and returned it to Weald Airfield to begin its first stage of regeneration. We found this beautiful helicopter, rusting in an aircraft graveyard. It was at this moment Graham, knew he had to help this amazing machine.
The Lynx was purchased, and transferred to Weald Airfield by road, ready for its regeneration process to begin.

For more information about the processes involved in this project, please subscribe now.

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