Engine and airframe prepped for ground run

Work continued this week:

• Engine and airframe prepped for ground run

• No.1 engine run up to 95% power successfully – AC power snag found

• No.1 AC system Control and Protection Unit replaced

• AC power generation functional tests carried out and found satis

• No.1 DC generator tuned to give correct output under load

• 1 hour total further ground running carried out on engine

• Standby Horizon found inop on ground run, snag investigation on-going

• Various magnetic indicators found sricky/inop, being replaced

• Serial numbers of major components found and listed for paperwork

• Lynx spares packed into container

• Investigation of method required to modify audion system for acceptance of 8.33 radios

Work to be continued next week:

• Continue major service

• MODs research.

• Continue with rectification of minor defects

• Commence installation of radio LRUs

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