AFCS and ASE system testing

Work continued this week:

• AFCS and ASE system testing, BITE tests started and fault finding problems.

• Replacement hydraulic pipe in No.1 system fitted – leak solved.

• Wire locking and testing of hydraulic system.

• Dish fairing drain for starboard side fitted.

• Testing of RNS252 – fault finding required.

• Testing ADU – more tests required.

• Static inverter replaced and standby horizon tested.

• Confidence duplicate check of main rotor head rigging carried out.

• Fault finding rate gyro system.

• First batch of pitot static instruments send away for calibration.

Work to be continued next week:

• Fitting sliding fairing.

• Fitting tail panels.

• Annual inspection to be continued.

• MOD, SI and SEM checks/research to be continued.

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