Standby AI System Tested

Work continued this week:

• Most components for fuel system ordered – chasing lead on last few components

• Gyro compass system has been tested and gyro unit found U/S – new gyro fitted and system test nearly completed

• Standby AI system tested – new static inverter required

• AFCS system rewire progressing – awaiting pin extraction tools

• All trim servos fitted, paperwork completed and awaiting rigging

• Oil cooler temperature sensor matched pair fitted

• CVR microphone and switch box fitted

• MRB inspected and NDT carried out – antinode weights removed and awaiting further inspection, and blade cuff bolts check tightened

• Radar altimeter system inspection started

Work to be continued next week:

• Continue antinode weight inspections

• Continue with gyro compass system

• Continue fuel system as parts arrive

• Continue MRGB gimbal ring inspections to be continued

twentytwopl 17 July 2020 Uncategorised

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