Forward tank defueled

Work continued this week:

• Forward tank defueled and sump panel removed to inspect seal for damage, none found so panel refitted and tank filled with fuel.
• Forward tank still leaking so defueled and tank removed from aircraft.
• Tank inflated with low-pressure air and x3 leaks found.
• Collector tanks completely filled and main tanks filled a few inches.
• Another leak has appeared but unclear if it is residue from previous leak or new leak from collector tanks.
• Ground handling wheels have started being serviced in regards to moving aircraft to the front of the hangar to use with AC generator.
• Various components refitted and tightened down in nose bay.
• Last inspections of MRGB carried out before refitting to aircraft (more inspections due once refitted)
• Fire proof P seals have arrived
• Batteries despatched for servicing and charging
• GPU arrived.

Work to be continued next week:

• Investigate potential new leaks and trace.
• Complete inspections and service of ground handling wheels.
• Clean old sealant off and prep for fit of fireproof P seal.
• Waiting on O-rings for hydraulic adaptors to fit to gearbox mounted servos.

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